Contribution Guide

Contribution Without Forking the Project#

1- Open

2- Click on Source Pocket

3- Open the pocket you want to contribute.

Example: NodeJS

4- Click on Edit this page link at the bottom of page.

5- Sign in/up to Github because edits will be done from Source Pocket's Github repository.

6- Click to the pen icon at top right of the page appeared.

7- Add links you have under the level they are belong to.

8- In the Propose changes section, which is found at the bottom of the page, write your commit message in to first box and add your optional description if you have to second box.

9- Click on Propose Changes.

10- Click on Create Pull Request.

11- Fill the PR according to description.

12- Click on Create Pull Request.

You are done, thank you for contributing! ๐Ÿฅณ

Note: If there is a problem with your PR, Code Owners will add their reviews. Therefore, please check your PR constantly if it is not merged.